About Me – Legacy

Who am I?

My name is Julian. I am a Technical Recruiter by profession and enjoy learning about physical fitness in my spare time. As a Recruiter, I spend a lot of time in interview rooms, office environments and on the phone in my cubicle. As you can imagine, there is not a whole lot of physical activity involved in my daily routine.

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Fitness background

I am not a personal trainer, medical professional nor do I have a background in sports or athletics. I did march in the High School Band if that says anything to you at all. I am certainly not blessed with superhuman genetics nor do I claim to be a physical specimen by any stretch of the imagination. To many, I am the epitome of average by many definitions of the word (“average” that is….)

Julian P90X Results

A Semi-Success Fitness Story


I graduated from UNT in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a GPA of 2 point something. Mediocre to some…freaking fantastic to me. 2005 was a challenging year for me because I was going to school full time, working full time and going through a pretty ugly breakup. Food and alcohol were cheap in Denton. This didn’t help because I liked to party and had poor eating habits. I discovered that being drunk amplified my ability to desire, sniff out and consume fast food. I would go to the gym but never had a routine or strategy to really get the most out of a workout. Maybe I just liked looking at all the beautiful people.

Julian Semi Success

215 Pound Version of Myself

What it did to me physically

I’m 5’10 and weighed between 210 – 215 lbs at the time. A medium t-shirt fit pretty snug on me and I had around a 38 waist. I wasn’t obese but I was a fairly stocky guy. My belly would hang over and “muffin top” over by belt. That sucked.

What it did to me emotionally

Going up 10 inches in waist size only 5 years out High School was a pretty demoralizing thing. I couldn’t fit into my loose fitting Jncos or my size small polo shirts anymore. For me though, I chose denial to keep me from feeling depressed. I’d say to myself, “I’m just gaining muscle from all the lifting in the gym” or “You can have the extra slice of pizza because you’ll just work it off later.” I always seemed to have the attitude that I could justify what I was doing now because I would do something about it later.

Why I decided to change

I reached a threshold. Maybe it was the breakup that triggered it all, I really don’t know. I can say, however, that I was unhappy with the way I looked, felt and how it was affecting my work and relationships. Maybe you can say I found a reason or a desire. I figure that “reason” would be different for everyone. For me, I knew there was a bit of unhappiness that had to do with living poorly and not treating my body with respect.

What I did to change

I started changing things up. I started reading every exercise related magazine, book, article and website that I could get my hands on. Since I knew I had poor eating habits, I did the same with nutrition. I would visit Supplement stores and talk anyone who would tell me anything about nutrition. That’s where I was introduced to the world of vitamins, fat burners, protein shakes, fiber pills and other supplements to aid me in my quest to lose weight. Some of the information I learned was good and some of it was bad. The important thing for me was that I took action. Everything that my mind soaked up intellectually, I applied immediately. Guess what? I saw Results. I can’t say that I found a secret to losing weight because it really was almost all common sense. For sure, the “how to” revolved around diet and exercise. Perhaps the “how to” is not as important as the “why.” I can say that it started with a desire, staying focused and openness to new ideas. My personal philosophy seemed to mirror P90X’s “Decide, Commit, Succeed.

The Results

For the past 4+ years I have been able to maintain a decent weight of 175-180lbs. I thought I knew everything about exercise and nutrition. After all, I was the product of a Semi- Successful Fitness story. Wrong again. I violated my own rule of being open to new ideas. I was only able to do exactly what I said earlier, which was to maintain a weight or fitness level. At the time, I didn’t know that maintaining was not necessarily a good thing. Why is this not good? Tony Horton calls it a plateau.

Renewed Purpose

Going to the gym, lifting, cardio and looking at beautiful people was no longer enough for me. No longer did I want to take care of my body for vanity purposes, but to really challenge myself to achieving new heights of physical fitness. After viewing P90X commercials numerous times on TV and through other mediums of advertisement, the concept of the plateau effect was drilled in my head. It occurred to me that my physical fitness level had reached a standstill and was not going anywhere. Again after viewing more P90X infomercials, my mind expanded and the concept of muscle confusion was drilled in my head as the solution to combat the plateau effect. What Tony was saying and what was happening to me made complete sense. In addition to the informative and entertaining infomercials, seeing everyday people do it gave me some inspiration. I decided to take on P90X myself.