Advanced Workouts with TRX

TRX, training, exercise, equipmentTRX is a suspension training exercise anywhere method of leveraging your bodyweight to build strength and lose weight. It’s a totally new approach that could change the way you think about workouts. Fitness Anywhere made TRX easy to set up anywhere. They made this system with Navy Seals in mind.  These guys need to stay in shape no matter where they are, and the fact that the “TRX” advanced workout programs can be custom designed just makes sense for them.

Take TRX Wherever You Go

The Navy Seals and now the US Army’s personnel are using the “TRX,” which lets them perform hundreds of custom exercises that build strength and power. Who else uses it? How about world-class athletes like golfer Laura Diaz and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees? What about Bob Harper, trainer on the Biggest Loser? These folks gush about how the TRX suspension training exercises develop balance and mobility while preventing injuries.

The TRX isn’t just for serious athletes  though. It works for all kinds of exercises whether you’re into sports, training or relaxing exercises like yoga. It’s also perfect for people who travel a lot or those who like to get out in the wild every so often.

Never Miss a Workout Again

TRX does for your body what pushups do for your arms and chest. Weighing in at just 2 lbs, the TRX is ultra-portable. Other total body exercise equipment can’t compare because you can’t take it on the road with you. You can’t store a Bowflex under your couch (maybe under a bed) and a tread climber won’t fit in a closet. But the TRX works no matter where you want to work out. Maybe the living room today your bedroom tomorrow? You’ll never get bored because you can work out anywhere. You will need a place to anchor the TRX, but it’s easy to set up. Any door will usually do the trick.

The TRX works much like flex bands, except that you only need this one piece of equipment to work your entire body. The bands offer more challenge because there is less stability, forcing you to work every muscle in the group a given exercise targets. It’s like the best of free weights and balance exercises put into one machine.

Support, Training and Accessories

Another thing I like about TRX is the total the company offers. The equipment comes with training information and workouts that are well written and easy to follow. The simple design makes it easy to use as well. You can buy additional videos to try out different workouts. There are so many different ways to use the TRX that you can’t possibly get bored with your workout.

Because the equipment works on men and women and is ultra-portable, guys and gals can now exercise together. It’s a great way to bond with your mate. Or you can take it to the gym where TRX classes are popping up all over the place.

The only drawback to the TRX is the cost. It’s hard to look at such a small, lightweight piece of equipment and not scoff. To be fair, the most sellers’ websites give you free shipping and at under $200, it’s still way cheaper than most exercise machines that only exercise one part of your body.  For a lower cost, you can get a full body workout instead.

One word of caution…the TRX is a serious piece of workout equipment. Beginners could easily become discouraged because it works your muscles so intensely. Try some TRX classes at a gym to get a feel for your ability to handle this workout before you buy.