P90X Review

P90X (aka Power 90 Extreme) was developed by Tony Horton and Beachbody as a follow up to the 1998 “Great Body Guaranteed” and the originally released “Power 90″ workout routines. In total, Tony Horton has launched four different workout programs that each incorporate a 90 day schedule and make use of the Power 90 name, including:

  • Power 90
  • Power 90 Master’s
  • Power 90X
  • Power 90X Plus

P90X System

The P90X system is a workout regimen that makes use of varying types of exercises through a 90 day period in order to create “muscle confusion”. The “muscle confusion” approach makes it difficult for your body and muscles to adapt to constant strain caused by repetitive exercising, which in turn prevents you from reaching exercise plateau. The P90X system integrates cardiovascular workouts with stretching, yoga, kenpo, strength training and plyometrics. The P90X program also makes use of standard exercise techniques including push ups, pull ups, and jump training in order to reach overall fitness.

The P90X system is available on 13 DVDs and can be modified into the following versions:

  • P90X Classic
  • P90X Lean
  • P90X Doubles

P90X Classic

The P90X Classic is a version of the program that consists of a 13 week workout plan, where each week requires 6 days of workouts with an option to stretch on the 7th day. Half of the week is dedicated to cardio-based exercises that include kenpo, plyometrics and yoga. The other half of the week focuses on strength training with exercises that target the shoulders, legs, biceps, triceps and back muscles, along with a 15 minute “Ab Ripper X” session.

The first three weeks of P90X Classic repeat a 6 day workout routine in each week with cardio every other day, followed by strength building every other day. Week 4 is a designated “rest” week, which does not require strength training but is instead composed of cardio-related exercises that delve into core synergistics and stretching. The next three weeks (5, 6 and 7) go through similar routines as week 1 through 3 but make use of different strength training exercises. Week 8 is another designated rest week. The next 4 weeks (9 through 12) use a combination of exercises from weeks 1 through 3 and weeks 5 through 7. Week 13 is the final week of the program and also a designated rest week.

P90X Lean

I discuss this variation of the system in the P90X Lean portion of the site, where you will find more details about its requirements. Simply put, the P90X Lean phases last for 90 days and include a variety of workouts mostly revolving around cardiovascular exercises.

P90X Doubles

The P90X Doubles routine is a combination of both the Lean and Classic exercises and test your endurance with heavy cardio and strength training.

P90X Equipment

Since the program is carried out at home, a participant may need to purchase additional equipment in order to make best use of the program and achieve better results. The following P90X equipment is available from Beachbody:

  • A pull up bar (strength training)
  • Resistance bands (strength training)
  • A set of dumbbells (strength training)
  • A Yoga mat (cardio workouts)
  • Push up handles (increases the range of push ups and reduces stress on wrists)
  • Heart rate monitor (cardio workouts)

P90X Workouts

The daily P90X workouts star Tony Horton and last anywhere from an hour to about an hour and 30 minutes. The P90X workouts also include “back-up exercises”, which make use of the resistance bands in case you find yourself without weights. These backups will occasionally demonstrate different versions which increase their intensity levels. The P90X workouts also take safety into consideration by introducing approximately 5 minutes worth of warm-ups or stretching and finish each session with a 5 minute cool down period.