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Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson is the newest exercise program from Beachbody, the same people behind the P90X craze. Turbofire was designed by the innovative fitness instructor Chalene Johnson as an alternative high intensity cardio program. Chalene Johnson is well known in the fitness world, having created the Chalene Extreme and Turbo Jam workouts. This new workout system is designed to be an intense cardiovascular workout with less of a focus on muscle development than P90X. It is aimed at users looking to get toned and not bulky, and for people who want to get fit but don’t have a ton of time. Similarly to the Insanity program, Turbo Fire does not require any weights. Instead, it is designed using the principles of High Intensity Interval Training, (HIIT), a scientifically backed training method. In the following Turbo Fire review we will discuss these topics in detail:

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Turbo Fire Beachbody

The Turbo Fire Beachbody staff has been busy marketing the new Chalene product since the second Quarter of this year.  Beachbody is offering four separate packages of Chalene’s Turbo Fire which I’ve listed below. The purpose for these different assortments is so that you can buy whatever is in budget.

Here’s a quick breakdown. The “Complete System” has everything in the standard Turbofire package plus everything in the Advanced Deluxe. The “Advanced Deluxe” has the “Advanced DVDs” plus the Turbo Tracker Journal, P90X Results & Recovery Formula, and B-Lines Resistance Bands.

If you’re looking to upgrade. First purchase the TurboFire system, then decide if you want to get the TurboFire Advanced DVDs or the TurboFire Advanced Deluxe (DO NOT GET BOTH: You will be purchasing duplicate products). Another route is to first purchase the TurboFire system, then purchase the TurboFire Advanced DVDs, plus purchase the P90X Results & Recovery Formula and the B-Lines Resistance Band separately.

Everything you need to get started with TurboFire including 12 workout DVDs, support tools and 3 free gifts.
Price: $119.85
TurboFire Complete System
TurboFire Complete System
For those looking to achieve the best results. Included TurboFire + Turbofire Advanced Deluxe
Price: $239.70
TurboFire Advanced DVDs
TurboFire Advanced DVDs
Five additional workouts in 4 DVDs (170 plus minutes) and FREE TurboTracker Journal
Price: $59.85
TurboFire Advanced Deluxe
TurboFire Advanced Deluxe
This TurboFire upgrade includes the TurboFire Advanced DVDs plus P90X Recovery & B-Lines bands
Price: $119.85

Turbo Fire Facebook

As of this writing the Turbo Fire Facebook page has received over 5,500 “likes” and has been active since March 11, 2010. The page features a few images from the marketing campaign as well as a video. They’ve also linked a handful of videos submitted by users.

The benefits of “liking” the TurboFire Facebook page is that you will receive occasional updates about related videos, chats, webinars, and articles. The page also boasts a “discussions” tab where users can talk about topics of their choosing. As popularity for this workout system increase I suspect that more features will be added to their Facebook page.

Turbo Fire and HIIT Training

Turbo Fire uses the principles of HIIT to allow users to burn nine times more fat than they would on a typical cardio routine. It does this by making use of longer bursts of very high intensity exercise with short breaks. Because HIIT exercises are so intense, they are much shorter in duration than ordinary cardio exercises (such as jogging). Scientific studies have revealed that because of their high intensity, HIIT exercises such as those used in Turbo Fire burn tons of calories during and after exercise, even though they last only a few minutes. These high intensity, short duration exercises also save users time, because they can squeeze a good workout into a very short period. This can really help out people who are squeezed for time, like moms or time-crunched professionals.

Turbo Fire Infomercial & Preview

The following is a video of the Turbo Fire infomercial many of us have become familiar with. This video provides a brief Turbo Fire preview that showcases testimonials and information about the “After Burn” effect and how the system helps you burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional cardio workouts.

Turbo Fire Release Date

The Turbo Fire release date was on June 18, 2010 for Beachbody Coaches and July 2, 2010 for public release and the program arrived right on schedule.

Turbo Fire Torrent

There are many disadvantages to downloading a Turbo Fire torrent. First and foremost: It’s Illegal. Additionally, Turbo Fire torrents deny you of the many benefits of purchasing the product through an authorized Beachbody vendor or coach. These benefits include: 30 day money back guarantee, TurboFire support tools (Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide, TurboFire Class Schedule, TurboFire Lower Body Band), free gifts (Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide, 5-Day Inferno Plan) plus the added value of 24/7 online support from Beachbody. It can also be dangerous to download a Turbo Fire torrent as many of them these days include worms, viruses, spyware and other malicious programs.

Turbo Fire Beachbody

Turbo Fire Workout

The Turbo Fire workout program comes on a set of 11 DVDs, which are divided into 12 different workouts. Each workout comes from a popular class taught by Chalene Johnson. The first DVD, entitled “Get Fired Up”, is an introduction to the course and teaches users a little about what to expect with the program. The rest of the programs fit into one of the following categories: Fire, HIIT, Core, Sculpt, Tone and Stretch. As a rule, each workout is followed by a Stretch or Tone workout, which are designed to help exercisers safely cool down and avoid injuries from tight muscles. Tone workouts are designed to stretch out muscles to tone them and make them appear leaner.

The Turbo Fire workouts are a series of boxing, kicking, and dancing-oriented workouts, set to intense music. The workouts are designed to be a fun way of developing cardiovascular strength and muscle tone without the tedium of ordinary cardio workouts. Fire workouts can definitely be a good training regimen. They range in length from 30 to 55 minutes.

TurboFire Workout – High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are the most intense aspect of the TurboFire program. Exercisers perform short, intense bouts of activity about a minute in length, followed by short rests. The genius about high intensity interval training is that it cranks up the metabolism for up to 48 hours after exercise. This effect, referred to as the “Afterburn Effect” in Turbo Fire, means that users will burn a ton of calories just sitting around recovering after their HIIT workout. Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch: HIIT is really hard. Anyone who’s ever done other Beachbody programs like P90X or Insanity is probably already used to working out at high intensities, but HIIT brings that to a new level. Many people actually find HIIT fun, though, because the high intensity intervals aren’t too long and let you really get after it. The workouts can leave exercisers feeling exhilarated afterward, as they experience the natural “runner’s high” feeling. The HIIT workouts start at 15 minutes and build up to 25 minutes long, so they really are manageable in terms of time requirements.

TurboFire Workout – Core

The Core workouts are probably Chalene Johnson’s most popular class. They focus on developing abdominal and other core muscles, making the stomach appear tighter and more toned. The moves in the Core program are fairly intense, but users can check out the “New to Class” option to see Chalene explain how to do anything they’re unsure about. The Core programs are about 20 minutes long.

TurboFire Workout – Stretching & Tone

Finally, the Stretching and Tone workouts are focused on increasing flexibility and toning muscles. By following the Stretching programs at the end of every workout, users lengthen their muscles, contributing to a lean appearance. The stretch programs are usually about 10 minutes long, while the Tone program is 30 minutes long.

Turbo Fire Workout Equipment

Turbo Fire Chalene Johnson

Turbo Fire Chalene Johnson

The Turbo Fire program does not require too much equipment. It comes with a lower body resistance band, which will come in handy during the toning exercises. The exercises can be performed at home or anywhere with a TV and DVD player (but it might be a good idea to choose a place you’re already getting sweaty in!). Beyond the basics, users should probably invest in some good workout clothes and athletic sneakers.

Every workout on the DVD has an intense music workout mix, with 20 total remixes included. The program also comes with a nutritional guide, which gives users a good idea of what nutritional aspects they need to focus on. In general, if users are interested in buying nutritional supplements, they can use many of the same supplements recommended for P90X users. Shakeology shakes are a good bet after an intense workout. One difference is that because this program isn’t focused on building big muscles so much as toning them, protein is a little less important. Users should still make sure to get plenty of protein and carbohydrates from a recovery drink, like Beachbody smoothies. Beachbody also offers a number of vitamins to help users maintain a healthy body. The TurboFire nutritional program explains the nutritional requirements in detail, so check that out if you do purchase the program.

Turbo Fire looks to be a strong new option for people looking to get fit. It makes use of the latest science to get users the most fitness bang for their buck; using HIIT principles, the program revs up exercisers’ metabolisms to keep them burning calories for hours after their workouts are over.