8 Top Fitness Sites for Beginners

Top 8 Fitness Sites

Top 8 Fitness Sites

Let’s face it. Beginners need a lot of help. The first step is making the decision to get fit and stay in shape. The next step is finding information to help you get there. I’ve scoured the web for fitness websites that offer the best resources for beginners. Of course, we have plenty of resources here to help, but we liketo offer kudos to other sites that done great job. Get online, get started and get fit!


National Institutes of Health created the MedlinePlus website to help Americans learn important health and safety information. Among its many offerings is a page dedicated to helping beginners learn more about exercise and physical fitness. The site is easy to navigate with links to just about anything you could want to know about getting in shape.

Look Great Naked

With a name like LookGreatNaked, who wouldn’t be at least curious about this website? The site is easy to navigate and has a section devoted to newbies. According to the about page, “No matter what your level of fitness, we are here to help you realize your goals.” Here you’ll find good, solid, reliable information, within minimal sales hype.

Mayo Clinic

Known as a reliable source of all sorts of health information, the Mayo Clinic also offers beginner health and fitness information that is easy to trust. The articles are written by more than 3,700 doctors and researchers from the Mayo Clinic. The site is crisp, clean and easy to read.


Also geared primarily towards fitness trainers and professionals, ExRx offers helpful beginner information too. With an extended library of exercises and articles, you’ll find ample information to get you exercising and on your way to fitness in not time. This website isn’t as polished as many of the others in this list, but that makes it perfect for reading with your mobile phone or tablet on the go.


Sure, you know that WebMD can help you decide if your child’s sore throat might be something serious, but did you know the site could also set you on the path to physical fitness? The site’s comprehensive beginner fitness guide gives you all you need to know.


The free online dieting journal at FitDay is a great tool to help you track your progress. They also sell it as a software package. But FitDay also gets you started exercising with a beginners section that “lets you take control of your diet and fitness and achieve your fitness goals.”

What I like about FitDay’s beginner information is that it encourages you to examine why you want to get in shape. When you understand why, you understand your motivation and can hold on to that when the going gets tough. And in the beginning, there’s no doubt it will.


You don’t have to be military to benefit from this website. Military.com began in 1999 with the goal of supporting the American military and their families. The information can help you too. Navigate to their workout section for helpful beginner information. There’s definitely a “guy” feel to this site with the black background and intense images.


ShapeFit.com claims to be the Web’s “premier health and fitness web site.” While I can’t agree with that statement, I must say the site certainly provides a wealth of helpful information for beginners. It offers a list of workout routines with instructions that can help you build the right workout routine for your needs.

One or a combination of many of these websites is sure to help you get and stay on the path to fitness. What’s your favorite fitness website? Any advice for beginners?