Bodybuilding for Beginners

exercise, lifting weights, body buildingOne of the things important to bodybuilding is exercise. This seems blatantly obvious, but hold on a second. After all, your mental image of a body builder probably included someone pumping irons in a gym. But this is only a small fragment of a bodybuilder’s life. It is, however, an important one.

What happens when you train?

You’re making tiny tears in your muscles that, once rebuilt, come back stronger and bigger. For this reason, it’s important to be careful with your beginning routine. You want to work your muscles, but it’s much more important that you build a habit first. So sit down, think about when you’ll have time, and then make a date with yourself to begin building your body up.

Build the Bodybuilding Habit

Once you’ve found this time, focus on sticking to your scheduled time. This helps yore form healthy habits. Sit your first goal of sticking to a training schedule for two weeks. Congratulate yourself when you meet your goals. It isn’t easy. You did something great.

Gym or No Gym?

You’re going to have to make some choices between a gym and working out at home. This is a question of time and money. If there is a gym nearby that doesn’t cost a lot, then you might want to consider it. However, if you work best by yourself or a gym is simply too inconvenient or expensive, you can fortunately do much of the bodybuilding workouts with a minimum of equipment at home.

You may have to buy some equipment. Do the research, understand what you need, and it won’t be difficult. Really, dumbbells and a bench are the basics. Anything else is optional. In fact, you could probably create a complete bodybuilding routine using heavy objects found throughout your house. Some exercises, like pushups, require nothing but a body and a flat surface.

Eat Well

Repairing and building new muscle requires certain nutrients. Plus, you still need to get all the nutrition that you need for regular day to day living. To solve this dilemma, you should boost your protein intake. This is because proteins are one of the main building blocks of muscles. Try to include as many fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, too. You might also want to look into supplements like creatine because these can decrease the amount of time it takes your body to recover. While you can buy protein powders and bars, the fiber and protein in beans and similar high-protein foods usually costs far less while still giving you great nutrition.

Get Adequate Rest

After a workout, you have to give your muscles time to repair. This means that you must split your workouts into different muscle groups. The easiest and most common way to split things up is to focus on your upper body on one day, your lower body on the next, and rest the following day. The reason for doing this is that you can allow some muscles repair themselves while building other muscles. Staggering workout days like this lets you build your whole body faster. For instance, you would do chest, back, neck, and arm workouts on Monday, then for Tuesday do lunges, squats, sit-ups, crunches, and other core and leg workouts. On Wednesday, you can rest and focus on relaxing your body with light yoga or other soothing activities.

Resting certain muscle groups is only part of the picture. You also want to get a good night’s sleep consistently. Sleep is the time where your body and mind heal from many of the stresses you experienced throughout the day.

I find that the hardest part of any training routine is putting the workout first Life can get in the way, but only if you let it. What helps you keep your training on track? Any other good advice to share with body building beginners? Add your thoughts in the comments below.