5 Jedi-Inspired Fitness Mind Tricks for Women

Jedi Inspired Fitness Tips

Jedi Inspired Fitness Tips

For many women, success at fitness and weight loss requires some savvy Jedi mind tricks. If we can set our minds right, the body tends to follow.

1. You Are What You Eat

Well, sort of. No fitness guide would be complete without reminding you that what you eat matters. However, the “what” in that statement is a bit vague. It should really say, “You are how much you eat.” In the short term, you can eat whatever you want and lose weight so long as you restrict calories. In the long run, you’ll probably get sick if you don’t take care to eat a balanced diet. The mind trick to make this work for you is to write down everything you eat, stop feeling guilty about cake and simply keep your daily intake within a healthy caloric range.

Calculate the number of calories you need in a normal day, including your daily exercise. Then subtract 500. That is your daily goal. There is simply no way to fail if you take in fewer calories than you expend. This is the slow and steady kind of weight loss that sticks.

2. Combine Cardiovascular and Strength Training

The jury may still be out on whether it’s best to start with one or the other, but the fact is that you need both cardiovascular exercise and strength training to get, and stay, fit. There are many theories as to why this works, but I find a hard time buying most of them. For instance, many argue that you need strength training to build muscle because muscle burns more calories. But do you know how much more calories muscle burns? Try 1 percent. Pffft! Hardly worth the effort.

Still, study after study shows that a combination of exercises works best for weight loss. Maybe it’s because your muscles become too efficient at the exercise and you need to mix it up to keep burning the same calories. Maybe it’s because cardio burns more calories but just plain sucks to do. The strength training is your reward for suffering through the jazzercise. And because you have a Jedi mind, you can bear the suffering, knowing that the force will be with you.

3. Psyche Yourself Out

The Jedi understand that they must be one with the force before they can know true power. In the same way, you shouldn’t be looking forward to the day you will be in good shape. Instead, picture yourself fit now. Be one with your fit, healthy body and you will see it reflected back upon you.

4. Crunches Work

A strong core is vital to a healthier body. Crunches are much more than mini sit-ups. With each crunch, you build another block of core strength. Start slow and work yourself up to more crunches every week. Train you must, Jedi.

5. Have Fun

Remember the Ewoks? They just seem to make all the Jedi smile. They’re cute, and they’re fun. You should bring some of that fun into your workout too. Do stuff with cute fuzzy critters. Walk the dog, play with him, roll around on the floor. Play catch. All these activities are great exercises. If that doesn’t hit your cute spot, maybe a little dance party on the Wii will do it for you. Just Dance is a game that really gets you sweating. You compete against yourself, burn a ton of calories and just plain have fun.

However you fit these Jedi mind tricks into your fitness routine, you should remember the most important tip any Jedi ever gave: “There is no try. There is only do.”