P90X Before and After (Lean Routine)

Looking at both pictures side by side, I’m sort of shaped like a pear in the before picture. The main physical difference I see is my love handles have somewhat melted away and I look more balanced out and symmetrical. I still feel if I followed the diet and P90X nutrition plan more closely, my results could have been more dramatic.

P90X Lean – Before and After

P90X Lean Before and After

Even though the outward differences may not be very apparent, internally I feel completely different. First, being able to complete a 90 day plan and stick with it is an empowering thing in itself. Being able to apply the same discipline I learned through this program to my work has also benefited me. Also, my energy levels and my physical ability to do every day things has improved over all. Going back to the gym after 90 days, I noticed that I could run longer, jump farther and lift heavier. Experiencing these results has motivated me to continue on to the P90X Classic Routine.

My name is Julian Placino and I am a Team Beachbody Coach. I've completed several Beachbody workout programs including P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity and Insanity Asylum. Currently, I'm working through P90X3 Doubles! You can follow me on twitter @p90xsuccess. Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Team Beachbody Member.


  • Ejlock

    The lean routine itself should be sufficient enough especially since you’re only trying to tone up. Generally people who do the lean routine first move onto classic.

  • Nicoledavis1210

    H! So I’m a little confused on what I should be doing. I want to lose 30 lbs and I’m almost done with the 2nd week of P90X Lean routine…that IS the best one to do to lose weight, correct? Then, after the 90 days, switch to a different routine and do another 90 days, to get more toned? I’m not trying to be a woman body builder…just want to feel healthier and lose the rest of this baby weight. Should P90x lean be used in addition to the gym, or can I just do the video? I guess trial and error works, but I’d rather be successful the first time around so thought I’d ask for an opinion. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment! I was taking around 1400-1500 calories a day. I’m bad at Math and calorie counting so I’ve really changed my relationship with food. As much as possible, I just eat lean. Lean proteins, leafy greens and whole grain carbohydrates. Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

  • Ejlock

    I’m not sure how others perceive but, I see changes! You seem to be very consistent on bringing it! I’m starting the lean myself. On a typical day how many calories were you taking in? I’m thinking about doing a 1300-1400 a day 6 days and incorporating a cheat day– not overdoing it of course on the 7th day

  • Julian Placino

    Hi Adrienne,

    Thank you for your comment and kind words! Perhaps he was right though, I love to eat and I could have done a better job with the diet :) However, I did learn about myself that I could fully commit to 90 days of exercise. This was one of the more valuable lessons I learned with P90X Lean. My Body also responds better to resistance training and I showed more dramatic results with P90X Classic.

    I’m preparing for a new chapter in my life as a full time entrepreneur so I will have more time to dedicate to fitness and this site. I’m looking forward to improving and continuing my fitness education. I’ll be sure to share any new lessons I have learned to feel free to check back.

    Good luck with P90X and let me know if there is anything I can to do help! Thanks.

  • Adrienne

    You are a complete sweetheart for not going in on that last post. Such a positive attitude and I can see the subtle changes in your body. Your waist is slimmer, your slightly bigger through the chest and arms, and you are a a bit leaner. The changes inside are what count because I am sure that doing the lean program increased your stamina and strength. You are obviously on your fitness journey and I wish you good luck!

    I just got P90X and I am doing 2 solid weeks of P90 Disk 2 before going in on the Classic. I am a woman but my body responds much better to resistance and interval training. I also enjoy running, but it is only 14 degrees outside and I am not that hard core.

    Thanks for sharing your story and keep it coming!

  • Julian Placino

    Hi Reena,

    Thanks for your comment and reaching out to me. I’m glad that you have found my blog helpful! It always inspires me to hear about people who are willing to do what it takes to improve themselves and any area of personal development. I wish you the best on your journey with P90X. Let me konw if you have any questions or suggestions for the site!

  • Reena

    Hi there.. i just started the lean version like 2 days back.. i need to lose 30 lbs.. i am a girl of 24 yrs..

    so just wanted to say – your blog has been very helpful and motivating too..

    Good luck to you!!

  • Julian Placino


    Thanks for your comment! I could have ate better during P90X Lean. What can I say..I love to eat! Day 28 eh? So you should being seeing some pretty good results by now. Keep on keeping on! Good luck!

  • http://daffodyl.xanga.com Daffodyl

    Awesome job, dude! I definitely notice a difference, you’ve got some good muscle building. I’m on day 28 myself and you’re an inspiration :)

  • Julian Placino


    Thanks for your comment! Building muscle is not necessarily a bad thing. If anything, lean muscle helps burn fat. For me, I noticed that my body responded better to P90X Classic because of the increased resistance workouts. In the “bring it” video, Tony does make recommend for people to do the P90X lean routine if the prefer more cardiovascular exerise. This very well could be the right routine for you!

    Regarding the belly fat: Since there is no real way to “spot check” areas of your body, its all about the diet and caliber of exercise you are doing. Since P90X is a proven system, you can’t really go wrong with it. Dieting on the other hand, is the hardest part for me! Stick to the nutrition guide and you should be fine.

    For those mother’s who need some inspiration, checkout http://www.tracimorrow.com/. She is a P90X graduate and a mother of 6!

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • KCGirl

    Great results! I think you had a great outcome with P90X lean, congratulations!

    A quick question. I’m a 24 year old woman, 5’5″, 125 lbs. I’m pretty lean overall, but have some stubborn stomach fat from having two children. I’m thinking that Lean might be a better fit for me since I don’t a huge amount of fat loss or muscle building?

  • Julian Placino

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your comment! The main difference between P90X Lean and P90X Classic is that P90X Classic has one additional resistance day per week. In P90X Lean, the resistance day is substituted with a cardiovascualr workout (Core Syngergistics). Plyometrics is also taken out of the P90X Lean routine. Personally, I experienced more drastic results with P90X Classic. My body happens to respond better to more resistance training.

    If you already have muscle under the fat, then the diet and nutrition plan will go a long way. For me, eating right is the hardest thing to do. I love fast food!

    Do I agree if P90X Lean is more for women? Not necessarily. It really is up to you. If you prefer more resistance, go for P90X Classic. If you prefer more cardiovascular workouts, go for P90X Lean. Some women avoid doing P90X Classic because they are afraid of getting bulky. Gaining muscle mass is not necessarily a bad thing because lean muscle burns fat. During the P90X “Bring it” video, Tony does mention that “some women” might prefer to do the lean version. Don’t let that make the decision for you. Do what feels right to you.

    I hope this helps Ben. Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!

  • Ben Ronen

    I am looking at starting P90X lean this week. The lean is mainly for shredding weight right? People say it’s more for women only. Do you agree with that? Can men do it if they already have muscle under the fat? lol

  • Julian Placino

    Hi JC,

    Thanks for your comment! P90X Lean will requires the same equipment as P90X Classic. The two items you absoultely need are two dumbells (or resistance bands) and a pull up bar. This is what I started with. As I moved through the different phases, I eventually acquired a heart rate monitor, yoga mat, gloves and adjustable dumbells. There are a few moves that you will need a chair for, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone really! Yoga blocks are also recommened for support and enhanced stretching. Regarding nutrition, I use the recovery formulal and the bars for snacks. They are not essential to do the program but they help maximize your results. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!

  • JC


    great blog by the way, I’m getting ready to start lean this weekend but i was wondering what equipment do I need to get started?

    thanks again!

  • Julian Placino


    Thanks for your comment! If I ate better during the P90X Lean routine, I’m sure I would have experienced more dramatic results. But I didn’t and that’s on me! One thing I should add is that I really saw better results (only eating mildly better) when I did P90X classic. Everyone’s body reacts differently towards exercise and mine just so happens to respond better to resistance training. Regarding where you can find the Lean Routines, they are actually the same workouts as P90X classic minus Plyometrics. It incorporates Cardio X instead of Plyometrics. Also there are 2 resistance days instead of 3 resistance days in P90X Classic. It’s all in how they workouts are laid on in the Calendar that makes it P90X Lean. Do you have the P90X Lean calendar?

  • Julian Placino

    Hi Yayaa!

    Thanks for your comment and the compliment! That’s a really good question. Lots of females ask me if P90X will bulk them up like professional body builders or something. From my experience, and knowing a number of females that have completed a full cycle of P90X, it really doesn’t. Tony also addresses this issue in the “how to bring it” video. The program is designed for both men and women of a reasonable fitness level. During the actual workouts, Tony always reminds you to do 8-10 reps for size (heavier weights) and 12-15 (lighter weights) for lean muscle. Also, lean muscle burns fat, so gaining some muscle (even if you are a female) is not a bad thing. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks again for dropping by and good luck with P90X!

  • Yayaa

    @ Mike & Travis, I can see great change. If you’re looking for hulk, please try a different site.

    So Julian, my goal is to be lean. Where can I find the lean routines?

  • Yayaa

    Wow you look yummy! no joke… hehe …good work. But all jokes aside, I am about to try P90x (my girlfriend dropped of the discs to try) but I am a bit confused. I do NOT want to bulk up because I prefer my femininity. I looked at them and they are INTENSE! Do I neglect some of the workouts to prevent bulking up? Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Julian Placino

    Once again, I thank you your sharing your comments and suggestions to improve this site. Your input really means a lot to me! I’ll tell you why…if it weren’t for the people who supported and inspired me through P90X, this website would have never happened. I had already completed P90X Lean when this site first became live. I myself am not an IT or web guy, but my best friend is. It was his suggestion for me to document my results and create a blog. I’ve never blogged or built a website before but I knew I was passionate about p90X and wanted to do my part to spread the word about this product. Without his help, this site would have never happened nor would it have achieved the success that it has. It’s people like you that inspire ME to keep going and pushing play even though I have completed more than 180 days of P90X. Even though we have never met, I sense your passion and commitment for physical fitness and changing your life for the better.
    Regarding taking on P90X Doubles…my advice would be to eat enough calories. Remember that your body does not run on exercise, it runs on food. I would have had a better experience with P90X Doubles if I incorporated more carbohydrates in my diet. I would burn out quickly during workouts for not taking in enough calories.
    Regarding nutrition and this site…I have a few ideas I am working on and will surely incorporate your suggestions as well.
    I’ve wanted to increase the level of interactivity on this site for a while and adding a forum is genius! Would you be interested in being the first on my site to show your results? Thanks again. Your comments are always welcome here!

  • goffballz

    Wow, I didn’t realize how fast I would get a reply, wished I stuck around.

    Yes, I took the fitness test, and passed. Though, I’ll be sure to take note and watch my form. First time I did plough to shoulder stand, I was VERY cautious because I was afraid I was going to break my neck or something lol.

    I’ve worked out since Junior High, though I didn’t get into it until High School. Though I’ve been working out for a couple of years, I’ve never been fit since a little kid. Specifically because my mom always fed me, then I started getting into a lot of junk food. I used to have the same mentality as you about eating, how you could just work it off later. Then one day I noticed I was really fat, about 230lbs, I let myself go far beyond I could have ever imagined. A total wake up call.

    Since then, I’ve done a lot of cardio, and weight resistance, but honestly, P90X is the hardest program I’ve been introduced to. I can tell you I love the challenge, and that I will continue to bring it, even after finishing Tony Horton’s suggestion. The reason I’m having doubts about lean is because I was thinking classic could build muscle that would just eat my fat. Regardless, I’ll continue to take the challenge he specified. Then probably doubles for the rest of my life.

    About the nutrition section, I was thinking along the lines of what you eat/ate in terms of the different phases. Maybe even allowing users to submit their own nutrition guides, or even recipes. I used to always stuff my face in junk food, but after doing a lot of cardio, I don’t eat as much. I try to maintain the overall recommended 6-8 meals and water, as well as controlling portions to sizes that don’t stuff you, yet don’t have you still hungry. And it’s almost common sense to not consider food like doughnuts anything other than straight junk, it’s just common sense to know what is good for you and what is not. Even though nobody should have to strain to not eat what they desire, that just comes down to control. Also, it would be key to address what perfect portions are, and how to obtain said portions, in addition to the amount of water intake needed daily. I would also state that the nutrition should not be considered a diet, yet a lifestyle. Anybody who works out, only to eat cheesecake and cookies, haven’t done anything but wasted their time. Good nutrition is very important, working out or not. You can shed pounds just eating healthy.

    Also, if you have enough bandwidth, I would suggest a section to allow people to show their results, maybe making a free forum of the sorts, that can be linked to from here for additional motivation. Then this would be the ultimate “Workout Results” website.

    Once again, thanks for your time.

  • Julian Placino


    Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your input and am glad that this site helps inspire people! I really owe this to all the other P90X’ers out there that have inspired me throughout my P90X Journey. I will attempt to carefully address the items in your message.

    “so I’m a little chubby” – Not for long! Taking inventory of where you are and not denying that you have work to do is the first step. Once you commit, make sure to track and measure your results. Nothing is more motivating that actually seeing your own results!

    “I was wondering if I should continue doing the lean routine” – Have you already begun the lean routine? If you have started, I would recommend that you finish it. For me, starting something and not quitting until I have fully completed the task gives me a sense of confidence. If you have never done any kind of rigorous exercise like this before, it might be a good idea to do the lean routine first. Also, make sure you taken fit test and “listen” to what your body tells you. For me, part of “brining it” is working hard and taking care of your body to prevent injury. Take it from me, I hurt my back a few weeks ago doing crouching cohen curls, so make sure to watch your form.

    Regarding the nutrition section, I think you are absolutely right! Perhaps the reason I haven’t added a section on nutrition is because eating has always been my curse! I love junk food. Luckily I have adopted good eating habits and have been able to eat clean for the most part. What would you like to see in particular?

    Thanks again for your comment and helping make this site better. Talk to you soon.

  • goffballz

    Hey Julian,

    First off, congratulations on your results throughout P90X usage! Secondly, thank you for your time and effort on making this website, which undoubtedly inspires many P90X users to continue to bring it. I actually had a question, as well; I weight roughly 180lbs, I’m about 5’10″, so I’m a little chubby. I was wondering if I should continue doing the lean routine to slim down, before starting classic, followed by doubles (yes, I’m taking on Tony Horton’s challenge lol) or if I should go classic, classic, doubles. I was thinking lean first, to lose the excessive weight, so I can be more tone, and ripped later, rather than doing classic and having the chance of bulky results.

    Could I also suggest a nutrition section.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Julian Placino

    Hi Art. Thanks for your comment and support! Congratulations on making it through P90X Doubles phase 2. That really is quite the physical and mental accomplishment. Regarding the food, yeah…I love to eat! For me, I can workout and exercise all day long but eating clean has always been my Achilles heel. Luckily through the years, I have developed clean eating habits and it’s just part of my life now. Choosing brown rice over white..or wheat bread over white…or olive oil over lard (j/k never did that) etc. Thanks again for dropping by and good luck with the rest of the program!

  • Art

    Lol! Mike needs to calm down. I’m doing doubles and I’ve noticed that my arms are toning up! However, just like you, I like to eat a lot. So I need to start controling it. Next week I am done with Phase 2!I’m thinking once I’m done with doubles I want to start the lean routine.

  • Julian Placino

    Hi Megan,

    Thanks your comment and the props! That’s right, I keep it real. I feel silly saying that….When picking between P90X Lean or Classic, it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. P90X lean has less resistance training and more of a cardiovascular emphasis. Another thing to note is that P90X Lean does not incorporate Plyometrics into the schedule. Instead, it incorporates Cardio X which has a little of Yoga, Plyometrics, Kenpo and Core. Tony recommends P90X lean for some women and for those are not super fit. Regarding the not smoking or drinking thing, good luck! All kidding aside, making this commitment will change your life. If (or when) you complete P90X, you will notice that working out has become a habit. I started P90X just to get through the 90 days. After completing the program, it had become a part of my life. Good luck to you Megan. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Megan

    Soooooo … I start P90X tomorrow and I’m in a quandary as to whether I should go with lean or classic, which is how I stumbled onto your blog. Anyway, I am leaning toward lean first. I wanted to give you props for sticking it out … I’m also facing the no drinking and no smoking and I know it’s going to be tough to quit and not slip on that end. At any rate, thanks for taking the time to post up your results and thoughts. It’s helpful for people like me looking for real results as opposed to the fineprint “results not typical” types you see on TV, etc. Thanks!


  • travis


    as for results i see very little change. i noticed u did loose some fat. but it’s not much to even consider it being a big change.

    so ya.. get off the lean and do the heavy duty muscle//weight gaining stuff.

    good luck

  • Julian Placino

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comment and I appreciate your honest feedback. As a matter of fact, I think you are right about the physical changes! Under the before and after photo I made sure to state, “Even though the outward differences may not be very apparent, internally I feel completely different.” Gotta be honest with you too, I love to eat! Even though I did complete the entire P90X Lean Routine, I could have eaten better. So thanks for brining this up to me! It’s always good to have people remind me of what I need to work on. Again, I am not fitness expert but I understand that everyone’s body reacts differently to different workouts so results could definitely vary. Personally, I’ve noticed more drastic changes when I increased the weight and did more resistance training during P90X Classic. My goal is to complete 270 days of P90X doing Lean, Classic then Doubles. Thanks again for your post and let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck to you Mike!

  • mike

    I dont see a change, you sucked at p90x. Half assed it, you gotta be lazy as hell. or trying to scam people online.