P90X Classic Day 14

P90X Workout: Rest

  • Equipment: none

Week 2 of P90X is complete! Again, I must say that P90x lean fully prepared me for P90X classic. The P90X workouts are still challenging for me because the more fit I become, the harder I push myself during the workouts. I would like to improve around 1% every time I do a workout. Over the next 90 day period (or in my case 270), the pay off should be worth it. With great sacrifice comes great reward right? Well, I’ll find out here pretty soon.

My P90X Diet

  • Meal 1: Egg Scrambler, wheat pita, banana, whole wheat toast
  • Meal 2: whole wheat pasta, egg scrambler, blueberries, grapes, water
  • Meal 3: Muscle Milk, apple
  • Meal 4: grapes, blueberries, orange, watermelon, water
  • Meal 5: 6 inch tuna sub on wheat from Subway (no cheese, all veggies)

Regarding My Diet

I have not been sticking exactly to the P90X nutrition plan, but I have been eating clean for the most part. I have been eating much cleaner than how I was eating during P90X lean. It’s been challenging, but after a while, I started to crave healthier foods.

Extracurricular Activities

I haven’t had a single drop of alcohol or one cigarette in the past two weeks. In a way, I am more proud of this accomplishment more than anything. I breathe easier, think clearer and feel better overall. On top of the physical benefits, I feel I have broken through a mental barrier of not being addicted to a vice. I feel more in control of what I do, which helps my self-esteem.

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