P90X Classic Day 18

P90X Workout: Yoga X

I consumed quite a bit of calories today. For some reason I felt hungry but tired all day long. Maybe I’m going through some kind of alcohol or tobacco withdrawal. I compensated this void by eating I guess. During Yoga X, I felt very strong. Maybe because of all the calories I ate. I experienced some very noticeable improvements during this workout.

  • Able to hold side arm balance on both sides with leg raise
  • Crane!!!!

My P90X Diet

  • Meal 1: coffee, Muscle Milk, banana
  • Meal 2: monster energy drink (sugar free), power bar (energy), power bar (harvest)
  • Meal 3: carrots, watermelon
  • Meal 4: chicken breast, tofu lasagna,
  • Meal 5: 4 eggs, 1 whole wheat pita, ½ whole wheat bagel
  • Meal 6: stuffed portabella mushroom (spinach, skim cheese), baked chicken, green beans

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