P90X Classic Day 3

P90X Workout: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

  • Equipment Used: dumbbells

Having gone through 90 days of P90X Lean has definitely prepared me to take on the P90X Classic routine. By no means have I mastered this P90X workout, but it did seem easier for me than the first time I did it. This being the first week of P90X Classic, I took it easy with 20 and 25 lbs dumbbells with around 8 – 12 repetitions. I’ll be kicking it up a few notches in the coming weeks.

My P90X Diet

  • Breakfast: banana, tuna pasta, Muscle Milk, coffee
  • Snack: watermelon, carrots, celery, banana, strawberries, blueberries
  • Lunch: Italian tuna pasta (whole wheat pasta, tuna, organic tomato sauce)
  • Meal: peanut butter sandwich on wheat toast, Muscle Milk
  • Dinner: baked non breaded chicken strips, watermelon, spinach soup

My name is Julian Placino and I am a Team Beachbody Coach. I've completed several Beachbody workout programs including P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity and Insanity Asylum. Currently, I'm working through P90X3 Doubles! You can follow me on twitter @p90xsuccess. Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Team Beachbody Member.