P90X Classic Day 6

P90X Workout: Kenpo X and Legs and Back

  • Equipment: heart monitor (which I don’t have)

I was sick and had to catch up, in case you’re wondering about “Legs and Back”. To my surprise, I woke up this morning with no fever. Typically when I get sick, I get sick for days in a row. Whatever it was, it passed and I feel great now. Since I missed legs and back yesterday, I knocked it out early this morning. It was nice to do this P90X workout again because this routine is eliminated in phase 3 of the P90X Lean Routine. I was able to keep up with no major issues. However, the one legged walls squats are still killer. After a few hours of rest and some food in my system, I did the Kenpo X routine. I wanted to knock this out today to get a full day of rest on Sunday.

My P90X Diet

  • Breakfast: 1 apple, 4 eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat toast
  • Shake: Muscle Milk shake (used as recovery shake)
  • Snack: carrots, celery
  • Shake: Muscle Milk (used as recovery shake)
  • Snack: 1 apple
  • Dinner: 8 egg rolls, noodles (Filipino pancit), salmon, string beans, carrots, corn, cherries, strawberries

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