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Doubles Calendar

Doubles Calendar

Today’s Workout: Kenpo X

Inspirational Quote: “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

As you can see, my technical blogging skills are improving. I know how to add pictures! My spelling and grammar are still pretty terrible though. I really suck at this…I want to share exactly where I am in the P90X Doubles routine for everyone who has been keeping up. As you can see, phase 1 and 2 were no problem. I did miss a Yoga X day because of my Toastmasters meeting. Oh yeah, I’m getting into public speaking! I really am into personal and professional development. P90X just happens be the most complete solution for my physical fitness needs and goals. As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been hitting a wall with the last phase of P90X doubles. Thanks to Kate for reminding me that I need to eat more calories. My energy levels were dipping and I felt like I was burning out.

I picked it back up today pretty strong with Kenpo X. I’m now able to do all the advanced kicking moves balancing on one foot. I used to struggle with this quite a bit. I can tell my balance is much better. I can certainly attribute Yoga X to helping with my increased balance. There was a point when it was hard for me to complete this workout. Now, I feel like I could go another round after I finish. This program really works if you stick with it.

Even though I’m behind and I hate it. I will still try to complete the program on schedule. I may have to do a few “three a day” workouts…

Questions for Readers
I am a huge fan of MMA and the UFC. Have any MMA athletes’ completed P90X?
If so, what kind of workouts would you add to P90X to make it more complete?

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