Improve Your Sex Life by Improving Your Fitness

We have all heard the benefits of exercise. Exercise for health, exercise for weight loss and now, exercise for sex? Yes, it’s true! If you exercise and increase your health you will increase your stamina and possibly even your potency.

These days, people recognize that if you are fit and look good, you’re more likely to score a little bedroom action. The irony is that if you have more sex, passionate sex, you will burn calories and ultimately lose weight. In fact, you can lose approximately 200 calories by engaging in vigorous sex, or you can walk 2 miles. Which would you rather do?

Cardio to Sexual Greatness

When we think of sex we think hot, steamy, long-lasting, creative and hopefully amazing. Well, your cardio workout and exercise routine can actually be just that as well. Choosing the right workout for you and combination of exercises is as important as ensuring you have a compatible sexual partner.

Shooting for 3-4 days of cardio exercise, whether it be treadmill, bike, jogging or even powerwalking it will build your endurance, hence creating a longer lasting timeframe for passion. So, now that your stamina has caught up with your imagination, how about your strength? The use of weights to gain strength will also build your muscles, making you stronger and able to hold those compromising positions just a touch longer.

Strength in Training

Regardless if you are a man or women, strength training will prove invaluable. If you are engaged in a great sexual encounter, things are just clicking and you find yourself needing to hold or maintain a position you may not have otherwise found yourself in, and you actually can!

The ability to hold a position longer may prove to be the deciding factor in future encounters. Upper body strength is a must in this category, but coupled with a great cardio workout program, will be a real winner. So, you look good, you feel good, your partner is pleasantly pleased – what else can be done you ask?

A Leg Up

Let’s discuss flexibility. It’s great that you can now go for an extended period of time; you can hold that position due to your muscular development, but what about being flexible?

Flexibility isn’t being referred to here as the willingness to do something tomorrow versus today, rather the ability to contort one’s body into all kinds of interesting positions. Being able to bend into any position without all the fuss may prove the icing on the cake to your partner. The common key factor between sex and fitness is the ability to create a plan that works for you and follow through with it.

Sweat, blood and tears as they say. Seriously though, a healthy you will only equal success in any aspect of your life. When we feel good about ourselves, others take notice.

Couch Potato

For the couch potatoes of the world, you can have a great sex life as well. The only issue is that in several studies it has been shown that sexual endurance and desire goes down with the lack of exercise and energy.

Being overweight can cause circulation issues as well. Without good circulation your blood flow will be limited, and if you are a man you know what I mean. So, get off that couch and exercise for a healthier you. A word of caution however, overdoing it isn’t much better. Over exercising can lead to an exhausted feeling. Too much exercise, to the point of exhaustion, can actually lower testosterone in men; which is definitely not a desired end result.