P90X Blogs

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Not too long ago, before the explosion of P90x blogs, word about a popular exercise program like P90X would have spread only by word of mouth and late night infomercials. Course materials would have been limited to a couple of videotapes (played on a VCR, if you can remember that far back!) and perhaps a little booklet advising the users to eat healthily. Nowadays everything has changed. The increasing popularity of the internet has greatly expanded the opportunities to learn about exercise programs like P90X and to discuss the ins and outs with other users.

Although I’d like to think that this website can be a newbie’s best resort, I recognize that we may not always discuss every possible topic regarding the P90X system.  I also want our readers to understand that we’re such great proponents of P90X and Beachbody that we encourage you to read about what other’s have experienced

Although no one’s done a complete count, there are almost certainly thousands of P90X bloggers. While the majority are, no doubt, nothing to write home about, a certain few have risen to the top.

Best P90X Blogs

P90X Blogs

P90X Blogs

The best P90X blogs provide expert advice and tips for getting everything possible out of the program from people who have already gone through it. The purpose of this article is to go through some of these top blogs and provide a brief review to let readers know what they’re all about.

This listing is limited to the top 20, but there are certainly many deserving blogs that have been left out. If you’d like me to consider your blog in this listing, email me at anthony /@ /workoutresults.net or leave a comment at the bottom. With that being said, the list begins here:

  1. Fitbomb – A well-written, funny blog chronicling a first-time user’s experience with P90X. The writer is currently in the midst of his third bout of training, but the first two (P90X classic and a P90X/Insanity hybrid) are archived for readers who want to take a look at one man’s progress.
  2. Dennis Hardy’s P90X Review Blog – This blog is a great resource for beginning P90X users. The author goes into all types of equipment and nutritional issues. He also provides free coaching.
  3. P90X Reviews – This blog provides a day by day review of one woman’s progress through P90X. Taking place over 180 days, it shows the writer’s thoughts on the daily workout. The author also frequently posts progress pictures.
  4. Dangle the Carrot – An ordinary man’s inspirational journey through P90X training, chronicling his transformation from out of shape dad to ripped triathlete.
  5. Tony Horton’s Blog Spot – A great blog from the designer of P90X itself, this site provides a unique peek into the mind of the man behind the program.
  6. Workout Journey – A great source of information for P90X’ers, this site provides knowledge about P90X, running, and primal eating.
  7. AKA Wesley does P90X – Another good blog showing the story of a man going through ninety days of P90X. It has lots of good progress photos and helpful tips.
  8. The Fit Club Network – This is an interesting network of blogs about nutrition and P90X, as well as some other Beachbody programs.
  9. Extremely-Fit – Extremely-Fit provides a Team Beachbody Coach’s perspective on all things P90X.
  10. Anthony Le P90X Journey – Anthony Le’s detailed success story based on his experiences with P90X. This blog showcases the amazing results that can be achieved with P90X.
  11. Marion’s P90X Workout – Another blog from a woman’s perspective, this author is anything but tame in her approach to P90X. She also posts informative videos about various exercises.
  12. The Average Joe Fitness – This site is a great resource, providing pretty in-depth explanations of just about every exercise in P90X.
  13. P90X Reviews – This blog bills itself as an honest review of P90X. The author provides his unfiltered take on every detail of the program.
  14. Just a Man and his Will to Survive – A man in his 30’s writes this blog. He is training towards running a marathon in the future, so his writing may be very useful for those using P90X to train for another sport.
  15. Carl Daikeler’s Blog – This is a fairly unique blog. Written by the owner of Beachbody Fitness, it often details the most cutting edge aspects of P90X and nutritional supplements offered by Beachbody.
  16. Tim McLain: Fitness + Family – In addition to great posts about P90X, the author also posts beautiful photos of his travels around the world.
  17. P90X Workout Reviews – While this isn’t really an individual blog per se, it is a great resource. Bloggers on the site post their thoughts on each day of the P90X program.
  18. Branson90X – This is the saga of an overweight man as he progresses through P90X over the years, coming out ripped on the other side.
  19. The BS of my Life – A user’s detailed explanation of his experience with P90X.
  20. Guide to P90X – This blog details all sorts of aspects of P90X, from health benefits to P90X for women.

These are just some of my favorite P90X blogs. If you have a personal favorite that isn’t mentioned here, I’d love to read about it. One of the best parts of P90X is sharing experiences with other users, so reading blogs about experiences can be very useful and enlightening. It’s also pretty inspirational to read other peoples’ journeys and amazing results.

Sometimes, after a few days of really tough workouts, it can be tough to get inspired to get out there and rip another one. That’s why it’s always great to check out a blog and read about the writer’s amazing progress. One of the best parts of P90X blogs is the pictures – it’s nothing short of awesome how much better users usually look after completing the fitness program.