P90X2 Day 1 – X2 Core Review

P90X2 X2-CoreP90X2 Day 1 – X2 Core Review

Day 1 of P90X2 complete! Like P90X, P90X2 is divided into three phases (Foundation, Strength and Performance). However, P90X2 gives you the flexibility to stay in each phase between 3-6 weeks. I plan on staying in each phase for 4 weeks then recover.

The first workout in the Foundation phase is X2 Core. I was able to make it through most of the moves without any major struggles. I think P90x, Insanity and Asylum have conditioned me fairly well. The few moves I did have issues with were Half Angel, Core Circles, plank burpee on stability ball and the one leg med ball burpee. Below is a preview of the X2 workout. You can catch a glimpse of that darn “Half Angel” move.

Core Syngergistics vs. X2 Core

The first time I did Core Synergistics seemed to be a lot harder than the first time I did X2 Core. Then again, I was in a lot worse shape the first time I did Core Synergistics. From what Tony says about P90X2, it’s not necessarily harder but it does offer more muscle confusion. I agree with this. There was enough variation in X2 to get me excited to do it again. I really enjoyed using the foam roller. It hurt like hell but really did seem to loosen me up even after just one short session. I found myself playing around with the foam roller even after the workout. It’s nice to see new faces and hear Tony’s new jokes. It really does seem to be a continuation of P90X.

 My Starting Point

I’m definitely not in the best shape I’ve been in so hopefully that will make for a more dramatic after picture :) I’m walking around at about 180lbs. This is about 5 lbs over my normal walk around weight. I think I subconsciously allowed myself to slack off on my diet because I’d be getting P90X2 soon.

P90X2 Before Picture

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