P90X2 Day 2 – Plyocide Review

PlyocideP90X2 Day 2 – Plyocide Review

P90X2 Day 2 complete! Today’s workout was Plyocide or “Plyometrics Suicide.” It’s a variation of Plyometrics from the original P90X. Plyocide seems to focus slightly more on stability, coordination and relief. Now having done both Plyometrics and Plyocide, I personally feel that Plyometrics is a bit more challenging. However, there was definitely enough variety in Plyocide to keep things fund and interesting. I was able to perform most of the moves without major difficulty. My feet began to cramp a little during the Spartan Lunge and the Think Drill. This may be caused by my because my major muscles groups were responding without pain.

Cooling Down with Plyocide

The the cool down for Plyocide was comprehensive lasting around 10-15 minutes. It incorporates neuro- integrated stretching. This basically means applying tension in the opposite way the stretch, holding for few beats then releasing in the direction of the stretch. This small nuance seemed to help me stretch a little further than typical static stretching.

Preview of Plyocide

Thoughts on P90X2 so far…

So far, P90X2 is shaping up to be a great addition to the P90X franchise. The new moves, new people, new jokes, new diet guide, new equipment and new exercise science make for an exciting new physical fitness journey. I can’t wait to see the first P90X2 transformation pics to surface. Including mine!

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