P90X2 Day 3 – X2 Recovery + Mobility Review

P90X2 X2 Recovery + Mobility

P90X2 Day 3 – X2 Recovery + Mobility Review

Unlike the original P90X, P90X2 incorporates two rest days out of the week instead of one. If this were the original P90X, we would be doing a resistance routine today. Perhaps the mainstream ideas of exercise science are changing and BeachBody is adapting to the latest and greatest trends. Tony did refer to himself as the Dr. Jeykll of fitness meaning he takes the best from the experts he learns from and applies their fitness principles to his own workout philosophies.

 The Scoop on X2 Recover + Mobility

The routine starts of with a Yoga sequence. Nothing we haven’t seen before in Cardio X or Yoga X. Personally, I like to wear and gloves while doing Yoga. When I start to sweat I completely lose traction despite several Yoga mats I have tried.

After the Yoga sequence, the routine jumps into a few basic exercises including step back lunges and squat presses using the weighted bar. I don’t have the weighted bar nor did the P90X2 Ultimate package come with one. I used the foam roller and it seemed to work fine. I see the purpose of this sequence serving two purposes.

1. continuing to warm the body

2. setting up the contrast of the post foam roller experience (acting as the “before” experience to the foam roller routine)

  Then the Pain Begins..

This is definitely a more comprehensive foam roller routine than I experienced from X2 Core and Plyocide. You spend about 4 minutes working on each limb working your way from the bottom up. Tony shows you different variations on how to target each area. The key is finding a spot that is tender and staying on it. I was able to break out into a sweat during this routine. Instead of paying for expensive deep tissue massages, this is a great alternative to break up the knots in your body and relieve tension. I have paid for expensive massages often times only to feel like I wasted my money. With the foam roller, you can dictate the pace, resistance and frequency of your recovery.

X2 Recovery + Mobility Conclusion

After the foam roller sequence, the exercises with the weighted bar are repeated. If you did the foam roller sequence correctly and didn’t back off of the tension, you should experience a wider range of motion and flexibility. The routine finishes off with a few static stretches. If you have a personal preference for “in your face” or “super intense” workouts, you may find X2 Recovery + Mobility a bit boring. From the research I have done, I value added emphasis or recovery and feel X2 Recovery + Mobility is a great addition to P90X2.



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