P90X2 Day 4 – X2 Total Body Review

P90X2 X2 Total Body

P90X2 Day 4 – X2 Total Body Review

That’s more like it! X2 Total Body has lots of variety and exciting new moves. With lots of variety also comes many opportunities to modify. It’s amazing how much the feel of an exercise changes by adding a stability or medicine ball. I found myself shaking and squirming during many of the moves to find my balance and proper form. Maybe since this is all new to me, I did feel a little rushed going from move to move. I’ll need to increase the weight for most of the exercises next time as I was primarily focused on form during this session. A common theme of X2 Total Body is resistance training while in a balance posture of some sorts.

Moves I Struggled Most With in X2 Total Body

Crunchy Level Pull-Up: I found myself not willing to fully commit to the horizontal positioning on the pull-up bar. In the back of my head, I kept thinking my shifting weight would cause the bar to break of the mount and I would land flat on my back. After I did it a few times, I got comfortable with the motion was able to do around 15 reps.

Balance Kick Back on Stability Ball: It’s pretty sad to admit but I wasn’t even able to do a single complete repetition of this exercise on the stability ball. For the life of me, I could not balance one forearm on the stability ball without falling off. Maybe I’m positioning myself incorrectly but this move did take me by surprise with how challenging it was for me. I ended up modifying by performing this move on the floor.


Day 4 Ain’t Over Yet!

P90X2 X2 Ab RipperX2 Ab Ripper

X2 Ab ripper was much more synergistic in nature than the original Ab Ripper X. It actually felt like an excerpt from P90X’s Core Synergistics. At the end of X2 Ab Ripper, I didn’t feel as exausted as I usually feel compared to the original Ab Ripper X. Mason Twist is a heck of a move! However, I did get a great abdominal workout learned some new moves that will take some time to master. So far, P90X2 is living up to my expectations and I am excited about getting my butt kicked by the next series of workouts.



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