P90X2 Day 5 – X2 Yoga Review

P90X2 X2 YogaP90X2 Day 5 – X2 Yoga Review

P90X2 Day 5 complete! Day 5’s workout in P90X2 is X2 Yoga. The major contrasts between Yoga X and X2 Yoga that stick out to me is the pacing and the length of the workout. Yoga X was a little over an hour and thirty minutes. X2 Yoga is sixty seven minutes long. Although I still think Yoga X is an incredible routine, I think it got some criticism for being too long. X2 Yoga seemed to flow a little faster as opposed to seemingly staying postures for endless amounts of times. There were a few balance postures in X2 Yoga but not an entire portion devoted to it like in Yoga X.

Although I didn’t feel X2 Yoga was as challenging as Yoga X, I welcomed the variety and several exciting new moves. Then again, maybe you’re not supposed to feel completely exhausted after a Yoga workout. However, I did work up a sweat (even took a break after the 1-3 series of salutations) and there were certainly moves in which will take some time for me to improve upon. Looking into the future, when people start making hybrids and combining various BeachBody workouts (which people already are, even BeachBody themselves), I think X2 Yoga will surely have longevity and make a good addition to any fitness library. So far, P90X2 has been living up to my expectations!

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