P90X2 Unboxing

P90x 2 Ultimate P90X2 is finally here! Because I am a hardcore fan of the P90X series, I decided to go with the P90X2 Ultimate Package. The Ultimate Package comes with everything in the base kit plus..

2 additional extreme P90X2 workouts
1 RumbleRoller™
1 55cm PREMIUM Stability Ball
2 8-lb. Medicine Balls*
Tony Horton’s PowerStands



Checkout my unboxing video below! Sorry for the frame rate in advance; I shot the video in a higher resolution than my computer could handle. I think you will still get some value out of it though. Enjoy!

Judging from the contents shipped with this product and skimming through a few of the DVD’s, I am completely stoked about getting started! Sometimes things look much cooler when taken by a professional photographer…so here is what it looks like spread out on my kitchen table. Still pretty sexy I think :)

P90X 2 Contents

I plan on providing updates on my P90X 2 Journey including before and after pics, pros, cons, tips tricks etc. I can’t provide a full review as of yet simply because I haven’t done it yet! I figure I can review the product as a I follow the program. However, knowing what I know about BeachBody, Tony Horton and the P90X Franchise, this will probably kick ass.

To get your own copy or learn more about the different P90X2 Packages:

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