Preparing for P90X Doubles

Following the recommended order for the P90X routines is essential when preparing for P90X Doubles. Beginning with P90X Lean will ease you into Classic by introducing some of the strength training techniques. Similarly P90X Classic will help you adjust to the demand required by the additional cardiovascular workouts of P90X Doubles.

P90X Doubles Routine

The P90X Doubles routine is essentially the same as the P90X Classic with additional cardio workouts. In fact, Phase 1 in Doubles is identical to Phase 1 in Classic. You should consider this phase your “warm up” to P90X Doubles. If you took a long break after completing Classic, then use this phase to hone your technique and form when executing an exercise. Also, take this time to calibrate your work out equipment and figure out which weights will allow you to complete more reps.

P90X Doubles phase 2 will ramp up your routine by adding the Cardio X exercises three times weekly. The P90X Doubles Worksheets recommend that you perform the cardio workouts in the morning and the others in the afternoon. This routine will require a higher level of commitment, which only increase in phase 3. Be ready to wake up earlier and skip out on after work happy hours.

P90X Doubles phase 3 adds an extra day of Cardio X for a total of 4 times weekly. It’s important that you adjust your diet as the intensity of these workouts increase, as they are major calorie burners, and will require additional energy. You should end this phase by pushing yourself as much as possible, but be careful not to cause too much strain.

Once I begin this routine, I’ll be able to give you more feedback on how it affects the daily routines of my life and the physical strain endured by my body. I encourage you to share your experience by adding a comment on this post. Everyone experiences this program differently and letting each other know what to expect and what to avoid is extraordinarily helpful.

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