Starting P90X Classic

The Last Supper Before Starting P90X Classic

Last night, on the eve of starting P90X Classic, my best friend Anthony Victorio (also the producer of this blog) and his wife joined me for a last night of ale and celebration. We drove around to several places in Addison, TX and wanted to try something new. It seems the non-smoking ban even hit parts of Addison. We stuck with what works and landed at Sherlock’s in Addison. I was feeling dehydrated and hadn’t eaten much for dinner.

Starting P90X Classic

Starting P90X Classic (Anthony & Julian)

Needless to say, my alcohol intake abilities were not at its best. After a couple shots of tequila and a few gin and tonics, we headed out for the night. I dropped them off and pigged out on some Taco Bell. So check this out, I ordered one Grande Meal (12 tacos I think..), Mexican Pizza and a Bacon Potato Burrito. The bill racked up to about $16 dollars. I told you there is a fat boy in me.

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