P90X Doubles Update 11-26-2009

P90X Legs & Back complete! It was a rough one too. I tried to improve 1 rep for each upper body exercise without taking a mid set break and was successful! I also noticed that Tony mentions writing everything down, even for the leg exercises…but there are no worksheets for the leg exercises…hmm…that is something that I am going to have to remedy. Since it is Thursday today, I still need to complete Chest & Back, Plyometrics, Shoulders & Arms and Yoga X to get current. This is quite the daunting task, but again good practice for phase 2 and 3 of P90X doubles. Besides, the only actual “doubled up” workout is Cardio X. Regarding diet, it’s Thanksgiving today and there will be quite the array of foods to eat tonight. I’m Filipino… and Filipino Thanksgivings don’t just serve turkey! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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