P90X Doubles Update 11-29-2009

So far so good. Since Friday, I have completed Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X, Plyometrics, Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X and Yoga X. That’s 4 workouts in 2 days. It’s killer… but I have to keep going to catch up and stay on track. The following week is rest week, which I am grateful for. I will have 2 rest days instead of the normal 1 day. The workouts will consist of more cardiovascular exercises and Yoga. I’ve been eating clean for the most part, except for some chips and chili bean dip last night. Might I add that they were fantastic? Today is Sunday and all I have left to do is Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X and Kenpo X. I’m not too worried about the Kenpo but my body is beat down and sore from all the resistance training that I crammed in together in a small amount of time. I know I keep saying this; but I think this is really good practice for when I actually have to start doing the actual P90X double workouts. Besides, the Cardio X workout is really not all that bad.

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