P90X Doubles Update 12-10-2009

My internet went down last night so couldn’t blog about the “greatness” I accomplished yesterday. Just kidding…well it was great to me. I had a pretty crappy day all around yesterday. Between issues at work, the heating system in my house going out and my tire blowing out the middle of the highway, I’ve been under a little bit of stress lately. I know, what problems I have. In reality, I have a lot to be grateful for. It just sucks when this kind of shiz happens all at once.

            The reason for the “greatness” that took place yesterday was how I bounced back with my workouts! I killed yesterday! I knocked out Cardio X, Back and Biceps and Ab Ripper X as the P90X Doubles Calendar dictates. I paced myself with Cardio X because it was been a while since I did Back and Biceps. I forgot how much I liked the “back then double biceps” routine that Back and Biceps provides. It always makes me feel strong when doing this workout. As a matter of fact, I am using 25 lbs weights for the arm exercises now instead of 20 lbs which I used during most of P90X Classic. I’ve also upgrade to 35 lbs weights for the non-pull-up back exercises. I these weights sound kind of weak but I’ve had a hernia repair before and I don’t want to push too hard. Regarding pull-ups, I feel my form is much better now than ever. I don’t jerk us much on the way up and my core stays engaged throughout the entire motion. 4 total corn cob pull-ups! For people who have done this before, you can probably appreciate that number. Today I have Yoga X.

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