P90X Doubles Update 12-13-2009

First week of P90X Doubles Phase 2 is complete! I can’t believe I just said that. If I was to tell this to the Julian who was just starting P90X Lean, I would have laughed at myself. Laughed at the future Julian that is… Well it has been done and that is the real. My last workout was Kenpo X and I felt like I kicked it up a notch this time around. I found myself doing the moves faster than Tony and his students in the video. I challenged myself to doing the moves faster but still with good form.  Before I used to fight to keep up but now I am challenging myself do the moves faster and with more intensity. I always look forward to this workout because it feels like I am kicking someone’s ass. I’m kicking my own ass really which is great. Today is rest day and I think I’ll be working on adding more content to the site. I have to admit… now doing the P90X Doubles routing, I’ve become a little cocky with my diet. In my head I am thinking that I will be doing twice the work so I can slack off a bit with the diet. I need to get that under control. Perhaps I will be trying Beachbody’s SHAKEOLOGY pretty soon.

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