P90X Doubles Update 12-16-2009

I’m behind on schedule but not too worried about it. The end of the year is coming and I have a few days off that I can catch up on. How far back am I? I’ll need to cram in Cardio X, Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X and Yoga X tomorrow to stay on track. That does sound overwhelming doesn’t it? Its all good. Today completed Cardio X, Chest Shoulders & Triceps and Plyometrics. I felt great today! I’m not too sure why. I had chicken fajitas for lunch today and that’s about it. Perhaps its do to the rest day I took yesterday. I was able to increase all of my reps and even the weight during Chest Shoulders & Triceps. During Ab Ripper X, I was performed all of the advanced version of the most of the moves! Immediately after, I knocked out Plyometrics. This is usually one of the harder workouts for me but I was able to keep up without gassing out. Typically I will hit pause during some point of the workout but today I went straight through! I can feel the improvements in my fitness and it feels great. My wast size seems to be increasing and my pants a little tighter. However, there is less fat to tug on my body than ever before. My weight has moved up a bit as well. I walk around at about 180. I’m pretty sure I packed on some more muscle. I need to get my body fat checked…

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