P90X Doubles Update 12-21-2009 – Motivation

Completed workouts today were Cardio X, Chest Shoulder & Triceps and Ab Ripper X. I kicked up my performance from last week during today’s resistance training. I was able to do 8 fly- row – presses with 25 lbs weights. Before, I was only lifting 20 lbs. Today is my 223rd day of doing P90X. Something I have realized is that I am actually becoming complacent with just completing the workouts by forgetting about having to push myself harder than I did last week. That’s why I think it’s important to use the worksheets and write everything down.

Motivation is something that keeps coming in and out for me. Some days I’ll feel pumped and some days I’ll think to myself, “Plyometrics..really?” Here is a mental “something” I used today that helped me during my workout. I just want to warn you that this sounds crazy. I have a Hero list. A list of people who I admire for various reasons. On of this list, I describe their admirable characteristics and why I choose to emulate them. On the top this list is a quote, “He who believes in Heroes is Heroic.” These aren’t super heroes by the way. These people vary from sports figures, former bosses, political figures etc. When I felt tired or weak during the workout, I imagine all my heroes watching me and cheering me on. This worked for me. I want to badly to achieve great things and I’ll be dammed if I was to fail in front of my Heroes. Again, I know this sounds nutts but it works for me. Also another quote for you..”The body is the servant of the mind.” If I can motivate my mind by any means necessary to complete and do my best during a workout, isn’t it worth it? I strongly believe there is a huge mental aspect to fitness. Dedication takes discipline and discipline is hard. If it was easy, then everyone would be great.

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