P90X Resistance Bands

P90X Resistance Bands

P90X Resistance Bands

One of the best features of the p90x workout is that it does not require expensive weights or an elaborate home gym. You can get a great workout using only the versatile and effective p90x resistance bands.

Originally used for physical therapy or for rehabilitation after injury, resistance bands are a now great option for anyone who wants to increase flexibility and build lean muscle mass. Essentially giant elastic bands or tubes with soft handles attached at either end, resistance bands use smooth yet increasing resistance to work the muscle groups in your body.

Benefits of Training With Resistance Bands

Almost anyone, from beginners to conditioned athletes, can benefit by adding resistance bands to their strength training programs. Aside from affordability, they also can add variety, portability and versatility to almost any workout program.


Perhaps the best reason to incorporate resistance bands into your workout is because they can add challenge and variety to your usual routine. Cross-training and workout diversity is the key to overall performance and fitness.


Resistance bands are light and easy to transport and set up, making them perfect for people who travel often. They work nicely in a small house or apartment where you may not have storage space for bulky exercise equipment.


Because they are so versatile, resistance bands can be used in a wide range of strength-training exercises. They can be used while standing, while seated in a chair or on the floor. They offer endless training possibilities.

B-LINES Bands Kits
Packages: P90X Peak Results
Color-coded bands in a range of resistance levels and attach to soft, foam-covered handles for maximum comfort.
B-LINES Bands Complete Kit
B-LINES Bands Complete Kit
This set contains the entire range of resistance levels from 5 to 50 pounds. It includes 10 bands and 3 sets of handles.
B-LINES Bands Upgrade Kit
B-LINES® Bands Upgrade Kit
Now you can do more with your bands…chest flys, thigh, and butt exercises, and even cardio training!

P90X Dumbbells vs Resistance Bands

Whether to use dumbbells or resistance bands is a matter of personal choice. The similarities are that both can build muscle mass, increase muscle strength and remove fat. Unlike dumbbells and ankle weights that rely on gravity for resistance, however, resistance bands provide their own constant resistance as long as you’re holding them taut. By not relying on gravity, resistance bands:

  1. Provide continuous tension to the muscles being trained. Resistance bands require equal exertion from the beginning through to the end of a move, therefore tension is present throughout the entire range of motion. The result is that your muscles don’t get the same rest that they do at the beginning and end of a move using free weights.
  2. Provide resistance in multiple directions. Resistance bands allow you to achieve a greater range of motion than you would get with free weights. This allows you to create resistance from all directions—from the side, overhead, below, etc. You can easily adjust your angle of movement and seamlessly combine several exercises.

Exercise Tips for Using p90x Resistance Bands

As with any piece of exercise equipment, use caution. Use only as directed.

  • Carefully inspect bands before use (check for cracks, loose stitching or unraveling)
  • Always stretch before and after a workout
  • Keep your movements smooth. Avoid jerking and lunging.
  • Start out using low resistance and build up slowly as your muscle strength builds

Beachbody sells its own brand of p90x resistance bands, B-LINE, however, there are many popular options sold online including Bodylastics, Thera-Band and Xertube. Expect to pay between $10-$110 for a complete set of resistance bands.