Intermediate Workouts: “Zumba Fitness”

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Zumba is a high-energy aerobic fitness workout, based on Latin and hip-hop dance routines. The high intensity and energy of Zumba make it a super calorie burner and the dance moves and music make it fun. Zumba routines are constantly evolving and can be put together in endless combinations to keep the workout new each time, always fun and inviting.

Who Can Do Zumba?

Zumba is easy to learn, although it does require a moderate level of fitness to get through a full routine. Most people can jump right in and begin the workout, as long as they are willing to pay attention to the needs of their body and take a break if needed. Zumba can also be modified slightly for people who need a lower-impact routine because of knee or other problems.

Zumba comes in a series of different routines, each geared to a different fitness levels and needs.


  • Zumba Gold is targeted toward the baby boomer generation; those who want to participate in the energetic and fun routines but whose bodies are slightly less forgiving.
  • Zumba Toning features the use of a Toning Stick to incorporate strength training into the aerobic routine.
  • Aqua Zumba blends Zumba and water aerobics for a pool fitness routine that’s completely different. The water provides safe cushioning for joints that need a little extra help and helps people who may have difficulties with balance.
  • Zumbatomic is a Zumba routine for kids aged 4 to 12. The routines are simplified and kid-friendly and are intended to introduce kids to the idea that staying in shape can be a lot of fun.

What Equipment Is Needed For Zumba?

For the most part, very little is needed in the way of equipment to participate in Zumba. Comfortable workout clothing and good shoes are needed, although some people prefer to go barefoot are all that are needed to jump into a class. If you’d like to try out Zumba Toning, you may want to invest in a set of Toning Sticks.

What Kind Of Clothing Is Good For Zumba?

Any type of clothing you normally wear for working out is appropriate for Zumba. Because of the Latin and party theme, many people like to wear workout clothing that is more “fun” than typical workout gear. Flouncy, flirty skirts and leggings, fitted tanks and Capri shorts are popular in many Zumba classes. Some Zumba locations are designed to be more like a dance club than a gym workout, and club or dance gear is perfectly appropriate for these routines.

Zumba at Home

Many people prefer to exercise at home and might think that Zumba is out of the question for them. Not true! Zumba routines are available on DVDs. One DVD box set includes a full set of seven DVDs, each with a different style of routine, along with a set of Toning Sticks and a program guide to help get started.

With the advent of gaming systems like Wii, PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect, dance video games have become a major fitness breakthrough. Zumba takes advantage of this technology with “Zumba Fitness: The Video Game.” A special belt is available to hold the controller for people who play on Wii and PlayStation Move, while Kinect reads the movement of the body and requires no additional equipment. The game simulates being in a Zumba class, complete with different dance routines and even shout-outs to keep the energy high.