8 Foods for Libido

libido foods, oysters, aphrodisiacsDid you know that some foods may increase your libido? Before changing your diet, it is important to find out why you’re not in the mood. Many factors can influence the way you approach intercourse, from diabetes and obesity to erectile dysfunction.


The risk of erectile dysfunction is increased three-fold for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Women who have diabetes may also notice a lack or decrease sexual arousal. The key to combating decreased a libido due to diabetes is to keep the blood sugar levels in check. Limit processed foods, sugars and refined grains and increase fresh fruits, lean meats, vegetables and whole-grains. Follow your doctor’s guidance on how to regulate blood sugar since diabetes treatment is unique to the individual.


As many as 3 in 10 people who struggle with obesity report difficulty in sexual performance, problems with their sex drive, and a lack of sexual desire. One way to increase libido is to eat healthier and exercise regularly to lose the weight. You may notice an improvement in your sex drive as the pounds drop. Create an individualized diet plan to ensure that you are controlling the calories you consume and burning calories through moderate exercise.

Erectile Dysfunction

While erectile dysfunction is one of the more well-known causes of decreased sexual desire, some men may have the desire but still be unable to maintain an erection. In other words, the desire is there but they report difficulty when performing. Research shows that Mediterranean diets may help to reduce erectile dysfunction. Olive oil, legumes, walnuts, fruits, vegetables and whole-grains are excellent choices.

If you’ve seen the doctor and can’t find a specific cause for lack of libido, consider the following foods.

Oysters - One of the most well-known aphrodisiacs, oysters, contains high amounts of zinc and dopamine, which increase your libido and increase the production of sperm and testosterone in your body.

Chocolate - Chocolate is another well-known aphrodisiac and contains theobromine, an alkaloid comparable to caffeine. Many scientists believe that feelings of love and arousal can be attributed to phenylethylamine, a chemical also found in chocolate.

Figs - Figs contain high levels of amino acids that have been known to elevate sexual arousal and improve sexual endurance.

Bananas – No, it’s not the ship of the banana …it’s the nutrition inside. Bromelain enzymes, found in bananas, can reverse impotence and increase libido. Not only do bananas help a man’s sex drive, but they also increase the body’s energy levels through potassium and B vitamins including riboflavin.

Garlic - Garlic can help to increase the body’s blood flow to lower sexual organs. Of course, even if you get your sex drive up, garlic butthead make it difficult to find a willing partner. Consider an allicin supplement for the benefits without the bad breath.

Almonds – These healthy nuts contain many essential fatty acids that are important to help a man produce hormones. In females, the smell of almonds can stimulate arousal.

Avocado - Avocados increase energy with folic acid to metabolize proteins. Vitamin B6, also found in avocados, increases the production of male hormones. The fruit’s potassium helps a woman regulate her thyroid gland. Both of these factors help to increase overall libido levels.

Celery - Celery is one of the lesser-known aphrodisiacs but it contains androsterone. This hormone is released when men perspire and can therefore increase sexual arousal in women.

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