Wake Up Faster with these Healthy Breakfast Ideas and Tips

Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Tips

Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Tips

Now, most people stumble out of bed, trip the coffee maker and gulp their first cup of get-up-and-go every morning. What a lot of people might not know is that a choice from three to four food groups for breakfast will open their eyes quicker than coffee and make them more alert. Bet you didn’t know that better hand-eye coordination could come from a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and a slice of whole-wheat toast than from a cup of coffee. There are some more eye-opening facts about a good breakfast that will blow your mind.

Adding a quick warm up to a healthy breakfast not only wakes the body up better than caffeine, but it prepares the body for a better-focused day. Breathing exercise or a quick walk gets oxygen into your brain, which is going to pop those eyes wide open. Stretching also juices up the body after a warm up. And these activities won’t make you shake like having a cup of coffee will.

Breakfast Basics

The building blocks of a healthy breakfast, says the Mayo Clinic, are whole grains, low fat protein, low fat dairy and fruits, and vegetables. Now, I know you’re imagining a bowl full of twigs for breakfast. Au contraire. The night before you decide to do this and do it right, get out the Tupperware and fill it up. Remember that you don’t have to eat all four of those groups for breakfast every day. Mix it up a little.

  • Oat or rice cereals. Whole Grain Chex and Cheerios are perfect. Low in sugars, high in fiber and whole grains, when added to a handful of blueberries and slivered almonds, they don’t even need milk. Eating them dry in the car on the way to work, well… it works.
  • Whole wheat toast. Crackers and bagels topped with peanut butter or fruit preserves, which are lower in sugar, do the same job.
  • Fruit smoothie. Hit the food processor with skim milk, low fat yogurt, and fruit of your choice for a healthy, fruity morning treat. Watch the sugar, though. Overdoing the sweet will just make you burn out at 10 am.

The Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast

Getting the vitamins, minerals and proteins needed by the body’s organs and systems to function conditions the body and readies it for the day. Some of the benefits of a healthy breakfast are:

  • Increased concentration and productivity – The boss will love that.
  • Increased alertness and creativity – Clients will love that.
  • More physically active – Your body will love that.

Healthy Breakfast Menu Ideas

Comparing foods and brainstorming breakfast ideas while grocery shopping will give you the healthiest menu. Not all cereal bars, for example, are created equal. Low sugar, low fat, low cholesterol is how you want to go if you don’t have time at night to prepare your breakfast for the next morning.

Just a few ideas to get you going…

  • Whole grain waffle with peanut butter or fruit preserves
  • Whole-wheat sandwich with lean meat, low fat cheese, sliced hard-boiled egg and veggies
  • Tomato, bell peppers, mushrooms and onion go well on a breakfast sandwich.
  • Cut up a baked potato to fit in your plastic container. Cover it with low fat cheddar, broccoli, and turkey bacon pieces for a low fat, high fiber breakfast treat.
  • Oatmeal comes in individual containers now, so top it off with nuts and fruit.

My favorite breakfast in a pinch is McDonald’s or Starbuck’s oatmeal with fruit. If I’m not running out the door, I like a whole-wheat English muffin, a hard-boiled egg and banana. What works best to get you going in the morning?