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What is This Site?

Workout Results is an informational health and fitness resource. It’s also where I document my personal P90X results and share any tips I have learned along the way. For more info about my story, check out the about me page.

What Will You Find on This Site?

Interaction with me! I’m passionate about P90X for number of reasons and this a good medium for me to provide value by giving back to the fitness community. Feel free to ask me anything. Remember, I’m not a doctor nor a personal trainer so don’t expect expert medical advice or anything like that. I’ll do my best to answer every question though. If I can’t, I’ll try to find a resource and point you in the right direction. I usually respond within 24-48 hours. I’d love to hear from you!

My blog - My fitness education has been quite a journey. I’ve lost weight, gained it back and lost it again. There are things I’m glad I went through, and things wouldn’t do again knowing what I know now. Keeping track of where I have been is a good way not repeat the mistakes I have made before. This blog is dedicated to anyone who has an interest in living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Workout products – I am a Team BeachBody coach. One of the benefits I have of being a BeachBody coach is discounted BeachBody stuff. For more information on becoming a BeachBody coach, check out P90X videos.

Julian & Mark Briggs

Opportunity to interact with other P90X enthusiasts. According to Google Analytics, this site is visited in excess of 32,000 times a month. Comments have been left from P90X rookies to P90X veterans. This site has even struck up a bit of c

ontroversy. Feel free to contribute to the discussion and help answer the question, does P90X work?


P90X Workout

I divided the site into categories in an attempt to detail information about the P90X workout system, requirements, products and videos. Remember this is a work in progress, so if you see content on here that looks out of place from time to time, it’s because I am new to blogging and web design. I wish m

y technical skills were up to par with my P90X workout skills.

Before I started this site, I had already completed P90X Lean. For P90X newbies, P90X Lean is the version of P90X that emphasizes more on cardiovascular exercise as opposed to resistance training. My goal is to complete all three P90X workout routines (P90X Lean, P90X Classic, P90X Doubles).

P90X Reviews

This site also includes P90X reviews that go beyond exploring the basics of the P90X system.  I’ll try to provide thorough P90X reviews that delve deeply into the many aspects of this system, such as the workout products (dumbbells, pull-up bars, resistance bands, etc), the nutrition guides and the challenges you’re likely to face.

P90X Results

Real P90X Results from WorkoutResults.net

Real P90X Results from WorkoutResults.net

Share Your P90X Results

I welcome all your feedback about any of the content on this site. If there is anything you would like to contribute to any of the P90X reviews or general content, please leave me a comment through the corresponding post.