P90X Worksheets

Many of the P90X Worksheets made available to you when purchasing the program are available for download online. One of the best places to get them from is from Team Beachbody. Once you join you can go to the “Fitness Tools” section and find them there. Team Beachbody members have access to the following P90X worksheets:

P90X Worksheets

P90X PDF Worksheets

  • P90X Fitness Test
  • P90X Worksheets
  • P90X Plus Worksheets
  • ChaLEAN Extreme® Worksheets

P90X Excel Worksheets

  • P90X Desktop Tracking Excel Worksheet
  • P90X Plus Desktop Tracking Excel Worksheet

P90X Worksheet at Google Docs

I’ve been tracking my own progress via the Google Docs spreadsheet application.  This is an example of something for those tech savvy individuals who prefer to keep track of their results in an online fashion, you can take a look at what the spreadsheets look like and follow my progress.