Ab Ripper X

Ab Ripper X is a 16 minute workout that consists of 12 core / abdominal moves. Each of the 12 moves is 25 repetitions. This workout is done after each resistance routines such as Legs & Back, Chest & Back, Shoulders & Arms etc.

In & Outs: Started in a seated position on the floor with hands place behind your butt. Legs are then lifted off the ground then kicked out in front of you. You can feel this in mainly in your upper and lower abdominals. The advanced In & Out move is performed with hands lifted in the air.

Bicycles: Started in the same position as In & Outs but instead of kicking both feet out simultaneously, feet are moved in a circular rotation in a forward motion like riding a bike. The advanced version with also with the hands placed in the air. This move is then repeated in reverse.

Crunchy Frog: Started in the same position as In & Outs. Feet are then lifted up then out in front of the body and arms are simultaneously brought out to the sides parallel to the ground. You are balancing completely on your butt during this move which engages most of if not the entire core.

Cross Leg / Wide Leg Sit-ups: Started in a lying down position with legs shoulder width apart in an upside down V formation. Left hand is placed behind your head and right hand toward the sky. Torso comes up and right hand crosses over to the left foot. Come back down and switch hands. The advanced move is done by crossing your legs instead of laying them in front of you. This way, you have less weight to leverage coming up and more abdominal strength is required.

Fifer Scissors: Started in a lying down position with legs directly in front and hands to your side. Left leg comes up straight towards the sky forming a 90 degree angle with your body. Right left comes up straight but only about in inch off the ground. This position is held for about 5-7 seconds the alternated 25 times.

Hip Rock and Raise: Started in a lying down position with knees spread apart and the bottoms of feet touching which forms diamond shape between your legs. Hands to your side as you lift you feet up and toes go towards the sky.

Pulse Up or Heels to Heaven: Started in a lying down position with both heels towards the sky. Pushing your heels to the sky and your butt off the ground, your lower abdominals will contract to create this movement. Legs are to remain straight while performing this move.

V-Up/Roll-Up Combos: The starting position is similar to Wide leg Sit-ups except the feet are directly in front of you and not spread apart. During this move, hands are not to go above your head but to the ceiling only. The first part of this move is reaching up then touching your toes (similar motion to Wide Leg Sit-Ups). After touching your toes, roll back and as soon as your lower back touches the floor, bring your legs up and pulse your torso up forming a V with your body. After the pulse up, bring both torso and legs back to the ground in the starting position.

Oblique V-Ups: Begin by lying on your ride side with your feet creating a 30 degree angle with your torso and your right arm in front but parallel to your body. Left hand goes behind your head. While keeping your legs straight, lift off the ground on to your butt and hip. Once the move begins, the feet and shoulder are not to touch the ground until completion of all 25 repetitions. The advance move is to make contact with your elbow to your thigh during the crunch. Switch sides and complete another 25 repetitions.

Leg Climbs: Lying on your back, with your right leg in the air making about a 45 degree angle with your torso. The left leg is bent with the whole foot on the ground. Depending on your comfort and physical fitness level, you have the option to move the left foot closer to your butt which increases the intensity of the exercise. Pulse the torso up, climb the leg (that is in the air) with your hands and touch your toe. The more grabs you do, the less intensity. The advanced move is taking out the climb and just going straight for the toe. After 12 repetitions, switch sides.

Mason Twist: Balancing only on your butt with your legs (slight bend in the knee) elevated in front of you. The hands are then clasped together as you twist side to side making contact with your fists to the ground. This move is repeated 40 times and 10 additional for bonus.